Tip #1: Get Max Results From Your Exercise Routines

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Hey guys, it’s Jessica Bowser Nelson and over the next three days I’m gonna be sharing three tips on how to get maximum results from your exercise routines! Some of you message me, and I’ll hear “I’m doing the same workouts but I’m not getting the same results!” and you’re wondering WHY! So I’m gonna give you three suggestions of things I do to make sure I’m getting the most out of my workout.

So #1 today, we’re going to focus on LANGUAGE. You’re gonna be like… “What? Language? We’re working out, right?” You will be amazed at how much your own language, your own self-talk is gonna drastically change your world, including your results in your exercise routines.

I have always just had a tendency to be super hard on myself. I don’t know if you’re like that, but honestly nobody else has to be hard on me because I am being way harder on myself and that can be a very defeating way to live. Even in my work outs, you know, if i’m say, tired or maybe i’m not doing as good as I think I can do…I’m having to take breaks sooner… you know, whatever the situation may be, I’m going to start kind of automatically beating myself up.

“You’re no good at this…
Maybe you should stop…
Maybe you should take a break…
You shouldn’t have worked out today…
You’re not strong…. 
I don’t know what the deal is with me today…”

and I have to catch myself because the second I start saying those things in my head, and this pertains to life too, you know, whatever it is, your relationships, your jobs, your goals in life, the second that you start tearing yourself down, your performance is going to go down.
So yesterday, it was one of those days. I was super exhausted.
We just traveled 17 hours over the weekend to get here to Indianapolis for the month of December,
and I’ve got huge things happening in my business,
I was tired,
I was worn out,
I was stressed,
I was having a break down,
I really didn’t want to do my workout.
But I decided a long time ago, I don’t give myself an option.
I do my workouts. Period.

Talk To Yourselfexercise routines

There’s no conversation where I get to get out of my workouts. Which takes that out of the way, but what happened is, I’m doing my work out, and I’m just defeating myself. I can tell I’m not in it. I’m disappointed in myself, I’m wondering why I’m even doing my workout because I’m not focused and I knew I’ve got to change my language. I’ve got to change that voice in my head because I’m only going to get good results if everything is right… if i’m fit from the inside out.

So I immediately start saying out loud (I was in this move and I was punching) “I’m strong… I’m strong… I’m strong!” and when I first started saying it, I was not strong, but then as I changed my language, my body followed, and it was pretty crazy! It’s not really crazy because I know it works, but even when it works still sometimes I’m amazed! So I want you to talk to yourself! Be that crazy person that talks yourself into a good mood, talks yourself into good results in your exercise routines, and you kind of conjure up your own power that is inside of you.

P.S. So that is my #1 tip out of my 3. You’ll get the next 2 over the next 2 days as to how I’m getting max results in my exercise routines, so stay tuned and make sure you shoot me a message, jessica@jessicabowsernelson.com, if you want information on my next private accountability group where you can work with me and I’ll help you get the results you’ve been looking for!

So see you guys tomorrow!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
exercise routines

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