Tip #2: Get Max Results from Your Exercise Routines

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Hey guys! It’s Jessica and today I’m sharing my second tip on how to maximize your results during your exercise routines.
Day 1 (aka tip #1) we talked about language and tip #2 is going to be about POWER. So when I’m doing a move, I’m doing it with power. I’m putting all of the energy I have behind every single move. I’m not just going thru the motions.

If it’s a punch, I’m not just gonna punch…I’m gonna PUNCH!

If it’s a squat..now this is particular. You might think in a squat, you’re just working thighs, legs, and booty, but I’m going to work my whole body. When I go down, I’m going to PUSH up. As you guys can see (in the video), I’m pushing back with my arms. You can see the muscles in my arm flexing (if you’re watching the video-ha!). I’m pushing back with my arms just as much as I’m focused on tightening my core and my legs. So, once again, instead of just allowing gravity to bring me down into my squat, I’m going to..
GO UP as much as I can. Obviously as I get more tired, I’m going to have less power.

It’s all about the Power in Your Exercise Routinesexercise routines

Same is true with one of my favorite moves from Focus T25. Speed and agility (view video to see move). This is me without power (refer to video). I’m just going thru the motions. But, when I add power to it, you can see, my steps are STRONGER in my exercise routines. I’m not just letting my legs fall. I’m pushing them out…OUT AND IN. It’s going to be a lot tougher of a move which is going to get me results in less time.

Just know, whatever you’re doing, put more POWER behind it. That’s going to help you get results faster, help you build muscle doing cardio and just get you more toned.

P.S. Hopefully that helps. Definitely message me at jessica@jessicabowsernelson.com If you need help getting started with your new exercise routines. It’s what I do. So, stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll give you my last tip #3 to maximize your results during your workout.

See you guys!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

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