Excuses Can Be Legitexcuses

How many times do you hear the phrase, “no excuses“? I know. It can almost be annoying. It can feel like nobody understands what YOU are going thru. It can feel like your life is being discounted and the ultimate comeback to ANYTHING is just “no excuses“. It doesn’t have to be so cut and dry. You are a real person dealing with real issues. We all have our own ‘stuff’. While the things that are holding us back from truly becoming the best versions of ourselves might be considered excuses, they can also be 100% accurate. A lot of times we compartmentalize excuses as lies we tell ourselves…like the dog ate our homework…or blaming an illness or a time constraint for something we didn’t do that we should have, when it just might not have been that debilitating. But excuses can also be legit. Whatever is holding you back, whatever that list is in your head, it can be accurate. It can be true. It can be your story. But, it’s still an excuse.

But Excuses Can Also Be Paralyzing

Here’s the thing. Your story, your circumstances, your life can be tragic. You can have things that feel WAY beyond your control hindering you from becoming who you were meant to be. Those ‘things’, that ‘stuff’ can paralyze you. excusesIt can stop you dead in your tracks and leave you feeling helpless and trapped. It can be legit. It can be valid. It can be real. But, guess what. That ‘stuff’, those ‘excuses’ don’t have to win! They might have owned your past, but you don’t have to give them your future. Decide today to CHANGE YOUR STORY! You can conquer anything. You are strong enough. Some days will be tougher than others, but I challenge you to dig deep inside of yourself and find what it takes to push beyond your circumstances. Don’t let your current situation stop you from fulfilling your destiny. It doesn’t have to. Excuses or Life. Choice is Yours. Check out my video and feel free to share it with anyone that might benefit from it!

Digging Deeper, Jessica Bowser Nelson

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