Dance Workouts Make You Forget You’re Exercising!dance workouts

While I am a tried and true Insanity/Asylum lover, there are days when I just don’t want to workout (WHAT? I’m human?? Secrets out, I guess). When this strange phenomenon overtakes my body, there is only one thing that will bring me back to workouts. That’s right! I have an entire compilation of Dance Workout DVDs for this “rainy day”, so to speak. I don’t dance in public, normally. I will not be in the audition line for So You Think You Can Dance anytime soon. But, that doesn’t mean that in the comfort of my own home (with the door closed, of course) that this white girl can’t get down and work up a sweat on my dance floor..aka yoga mat. I love me some dance workouts! You know the old saying in acting class where “if you feel silly doing it, then you are doing it right”? I apply that to every single one of my dance workouts! Ha! Let go! Have fun! Burn some calories! Nobody is watching! But, I’m not gonna lie. There have been many dance style workouts that I’ve completed and thought that I could take that straight to the stage. Beware when this happens. Do you know when you complete a crazy workout, then go look in the mirror and FULLY expect to see abs popping up out of nowhere? You know you killed your workout THAT much but then the abs just aren’t there? This is the same situation.  The endorphins are obviously flowing after one of your jamming dance workouts and, thereby, creating a fake sense of awesomenessdance workouts. Odds are you are the same awkward dancer as when you started, so its best to just keep those moves under wraps. The world just might not be ready for all that. 🙂 Kudos, though, to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and going for it.

Best of Both Worlds: Dancing with Shaun T

I was inspired to share my love for dance workouts because last weekend I got to take a dance class with the one and only, Shaun T (my best friend). I attended a fitness convention in Hamburg, New Jersey. But, let’s be honest. I was jus there for Shaun T.  It was an amazing time! And yes, the world got to see my moves or lack thereof. Here are a few clips from the class. He picked me out at the end messing with my husband. It was definitely a memorable weekend that I will never forget!

My Favorite Dance Workouts (in no particular order)

  1. Turbofire
  2. Brazil Butt Lift
  3. Hip Hop Abs
  4. Focus T25 (coming soon)


Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
dance workouts

P.S. If you need help picking which of the dance workouts are best for you then message me or click here.


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