Cravings Around Every Corner?

Food cravings can be crazy. I can be in an important meeting, on a serious phone call, shoot, even in CHURCH and my whole mind can be consumed with particular food cravings! NUTS! Mmmm…nuts- almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews. Oops! See! How do these food cravings work? Or better yet, how can you control them? I have some tips that have helped me and hopefully they will help you too! I am all about moderation vs. deprivation. If you are doing a certain “diet” or crazy gimmick that isn’t sustainable, STOP. The key is to find ways to work nutrition and a healthy lifestyle into your routine permanently. If not, you will be on the lifelong yo-yo train! The key to getting off the train is finding ways to cure the evil cravings that once had control over you.

Cravings Killer

You’ve probably seen a chart like this one before. Craving chocolate, salty foods, etc. then eat “this” instead. I like this in theory, but I honestly can’t imagine too many of you having a crazy potato chip craving and opting for a tomato instead.  If you will, kudos to you! If not, there is still hope for you yet.

Craving Instead
Chocolate Raw nuts and fruits (because of their magnesium)
Salty foods Fish, Olives, Tomatoes (because of their chloride)
Soda Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, sesame (because of their calcium)
Breads (carbs) High protein foods: fish, meat, nuts, beans (because of their nitrogen)

Tips to Live By

I’m sure you’ve heard to drink water to curb cravings (which I always recommend drinking more water no matter what your situation). Or to eat a peppermint. Go on a walk. Just wait 30 minutes and see if the craving is still there. All great suggestions, but I live in the world of substitutions! I do think cravings can be conquered by finding alternatives that you enjoy so it doesn’t leave you feeling deprived, which a walk around the block or a big glass of water might do. Here are some of my biggest cravings and what I conquer them with:

cravings1. The French Fry or salt craving! I love, love, love french fries. But, I can get my french fry fix with sweet potato homefries. I just cut a sweet potato up into tiny squares and toss them in a little bit of olive oil (like a tsp.) in a Ziploc bag. Then I bake them til they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Top them with some Himalayan salt (which is extremely good for you) and ENJOY! I also keep lightly salted almonds in the pantry. Just 2 or 3 of these knocks out my salt cravings.

2. Bread! Carbs! Yum! Most of you know I looove bread! Just the thought of living on the Atkins diet gives me nightmares! I would end up falling off the wagon into pans of fresh baked bread and muffins and scones get the point. BUT, since I love bread, I skip rice, pasta and most potatoes. But, every single day for breakfast I have a double fiber, honey wheat English muffin. Amazingly delicious and craving satisfied at the cravingsbeginning of my day!

3. Sweets and Sugar! This is a big one for me. From flavored coffee creamer to cravings for cookies for breakfast, I HAD TO GET HIS UNDER CONTROL! Then shakeology entered my life! You should picture the whole 2 lovers running slowly into each others arms in a field of flowers. Yep, that is me and my shakeology. The only way I’m not carrying around a ton of extra weight is due to shakeology. It is an all natural, super shake that comes in chocolate. YES! It is my daily treat that keeps me away from evil, curbs my cravings and satisfies my sweet tooth. PLUS, I make no bake cookies out of the powder. AMAZING. So, now, I can still have cookies for breakfast and I do every single morning.

Remember, the key is substitution and moderation, not deprivation. I WILL splurge and treat myself but I found the key to everyday, healthy living is getting the cravings under control! It can definitely be done.

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

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