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Hey guys! It’s Jessica and I wanted to touch base with you. Things have been CRAZY around here! I just wanted to recap my last week because it was legitimately one of the MOST special times of my ENTIRE life. I just felt like I wanted to share it with you.

I was at what’s called the Beachbody Coach Summit. It’s a yearly gathering..kind of like our yearly convention where we celebrate what’s happened over the past year. We have tons of announcements and new products that come out, we get to workout live with the trainers and it’s seriously an event of the year every single year.

Well this time we grew in numbers exponentially. Last year we had about 7,000 people attend and this year we sold 25,000 tickets. So we moved it to Nashville. We were legitimately taking over the ENTIRE city, the ENTIRE downtown. It was just coaches everywhere. The thing about Beachbody coaches’s not like you are in just in a crowd of 25,000 people.
You’re in a crowd of 25,000
super motivated,
energetic individuals
who are there because they want MORE out of their life.

We aren’t just fitness freaks. We aren’t walking around and every is just super ripped. It’s more like they are wearing their heart on their sleeve. The energy was palpable. I was just excited being there and THEN it was like moment after moment was just blowing me away.

This year was different for me because I had so much of my team there. Four years ago, I attended my very first Coach Summit and there was me and my coach, Alesha.

There were 2 OF US!

Friday I decided to just get together with my team to take a team photo. I wish I could describe the feeling when all of a sudden there was person after person after person all wearing a Dare 2 Dream shirt and DARING TO DREAM more for their life. That’s my team name: Dare 2 Dream. I was almost bombarded. The crowds kept coming and pushing in but they were all people I knew and people I get to work with everyday.

I just couldn’t believe there were 100s there because of a decision I had made 4 years ago
to do something a little out of the ordinary,
to do something people don’t expect and honestly,
to do something the normal Jessica would have never done.

I was so touched in that moment and SO moved that people trusted me enough to go for their dreams and that, honestly, they trusted their DREAMS enough, because we just don’t have this opportunity in our lives regularly, on a day to day basis, to dream big, to have resources at our fingertips to make those dreams come true and that’s what’s happened for me with this coaching opportunity.

Next up, we had live trainings at Coach Summit where they’re teaching us how to grow our business. And two of my coaches got to speak on stage in front of 12,000 people sharing their story. WHAT an amazing feeling that was! I was so proud of them! And honestly, they rocked it! They were superstars up there!

Then, come to find out, I had multiple coaches being filmed for infomercials behind the scenes, some were on stage in the live workouts, and the final night, they recognized all of those that had moved their business forward in the last year. We were in the middle of LP Field (which is now Nissan Stadium) in Nashville and one after another after another, Dare 2 Dream coaches got to walk across the stage and be recognized for the fact that they were HELPING PEOPLE! It was less to me about them being in the spotlight and more to me about WHAT THAT SIGNIFIED!

They had showed up,
they had done the work,
they had invested in themselves,
they had decided to grow
they wanted to be better than they were yesterday,
and because of ALL that, they had inspired people along the way.

I got recognized also for being one of the newest recipients of the Millionaire’s Club with Beachbody which was just a surreal moment. It was live streamed across the United States (eeeeeek!).

But, I’m going to be totally honest with you guys. The two most special moments were:

1. The Coach Summit Super Workout

If you didn’t see it, there were at least 20,000 of us on Broadway, the road right down the center of Downtown Nashville. And I want you to see this photo because it is amazing! WE ARE ANTS! We’re ants in this photo and it was the most incredible experience! Somehow I got on the 10th to the 15th row and I was right up front. We got to go thru every single trainer and do a small set of their favorite moves. But to FEEL THE ENERGY! It started at 6 am on Saturday. People that are going to GET UP at 5 am on a Saturday morning in crazy hot weather and go down there just to give it their all and to see what they’re capable of in life is something I can’t even describe and you really can’t understand unless you were THERE!

2. The Beachbody Challenge Winner Announcement

To end it all, they were going to announce the Grand Prize Winner of the Beachbody Challenge. It’s a long process where you apply, you get voted on, there’s a panel of judges, etc. They narrow it down to 4 people and one of those people happened to be my very good friend and fellow coach Casey Walker. Like I’ve said before, my team is built on showing you what you’re capable of, on dreaming big, on deciding on who you are TODAY is not who you’re going to be TOMORROW.

AND Casey Walker is the epitome of that.
He was morbidly obese.
He was bedridden.
He had an autoimmune disease that had shut his body down.
He was on 10+ medications.
From the outside looking in, I would say his situation looked grim.
He saw a T25 infomercial about a year and a half ago and he committed to the journey. Guess what? When he started his journey, he was in pain. Those workouts sucked. They weren’t easy. He wanted to give up. He had pain shooting thru his whole body but guess what? HE DID IT ANYWAYS. He made baby steps.

And on Saturday night at Coach Summit, they announced the winner of the Beachbody Challenge and it was my friend, Casey Walker. To get to be a part of his journey from the beginning…and to see him win..It wasn’t even about the money. It was about the FIGHT and the SPIRIT and what got him there and to see HOW STRONG the human spirit can be! The team uniting together…we were screaming our lungs out…it was as if it was our own victory! When you have people surrounding you lifting you up, it IS a shared victory and I just pray that you have that in your life.

New Products

So that was my Coach Summit Recap, BUT there were a ton of new products that came out also.

  • FIXATE Cookbook: 101 recipes that are all healthy for you to choose from. I highly recommend this because I know it’s TOUGH to come up with healthy new recipes. I eat grilled chicken WAY TOO MUCH so I’m super excited about this!
  • CIZE workout program: it’s all about dancing. I don’t know about you but I’ve always watched So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars and always secretly wished I could just get up and do THAT. At least now I can do it in the comfort of my own home! Ha! I’m really excited about this program. Honestly, the best part is it doesn’t FEEL like working out. You don’t dread it. Your mind is so busy learning the routine, that you hardly realize you’re exercising then you’re like WOAHHHH I’M COVERED IN SWEAT!
  • SHAKEOLOGY BOOSTs: We have 3 boosts that you can now add to your shakeology. One is called if you’re missing greens in your diet, you can get an extra “boost” of greens. There’s focused energy. I don’t know about you, but I could ALWAYS use some extra focused energy and I think the 3rd on is a fiber boost. There’s are ALL available today so I definitely recommend you jump on that!
  • PERFORMANCE SUPPLEMENT line: preworkouts, post workouts, hydrating drink, recovery, etc. This is an entire line that’s approved by athletes (including the NASF). I want you to check it out for sure and if you have any questions, shoot them my way.

Surprise Time!

I did say I had a surprise because this was such a HUGE weekend so I wanted to surprise two groups of people.

First off, my coaches…you all inspire me. You’re the reason I’m here and that I choose to grow and show up every day even when I may not want to. I want to pay it forward to you and I’m announcing our STAR DIAMOND RETREAT! If you are a Star Diamond by the end of the year (I’ll give you guys the breakdown of the rules) but I’m taking you to MEXICO!

I want to go on a trip with you guys where we can get to know each other more and learn from each other more. So if you are a Star Diamond Coach on Dare 2 Dream by the end of the year, we are going to Mexico!

Secondly, since I have been so busy getting ready for Coach Summit and even at Summit I was crazy busy…I wanted to give a shout out to my husband who is super supportive. He even had to go to a class halfway thru Coach Summit so we didn’t get to spend the most exciting time together. This business can require a lot of my time but I always try to focus on maintaining a balance in my relationships. SO, I am surprising him and he doesn’t know it, but WE ARE GOING TO MEXICO TOMORROW! So, this is his test. Please don’t tag him in this video because I want to see if he watches this video. If he does, then he will know he should probably go pack his bags. I thought that would be fun, so we shall see. I’m just going to hint that he should probably watch this video today and see if he does because it’s long so he might not watch it all the way thru.

So, I’m sorry this is such a long message. I just wanted to touch on so many different things and let you know how thankful I am for you and for all of you that I got to meet at Coach Summit that watch my videos. Just know you’re capable of whatever you want to do in life because YOU ARE! There was a time when I definitely didn’t know that and didn’t believe that.

Start investing in yourself.
Start reading books.
Start listening to successful people to the point where you make that transition in your brain.
Because people are going to bring you down and YOU HAVE to combat that!

P.S. If you want more help, of course, subscribe to my channel. If you want to join my team, shoot me a message at I would love to help you DARE 2 DREAM!

See you guys later! I’m going to Mexico!

Digging Deeper,

Jessica Bowser Nelson





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  1. melonie erickson (reply)

    07/23/2015 at 8:08 am

    Hey Gurl, love you and have fun in Mexico!!! You are the bomb! Haven’t made any commitments yet as a new job opportunity came my way! Its amazing just when your down and out God has a way of escape! Love you!

    1. Jessica Bowser Nelson (reply)

      07/24/2015 at 9:02 am

      I was going to call you when I got back!!! GREAT TO HEAR!!! AND yes He does 🙂 Love you!

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