There Must’ve Been Thousands of Calories Burned Cleaning House, Right?

calories burned cleaning house We’ve all wondered at some time or another about just how many calories burned cleaning the house. I know I have. Primarily because I turn into Mr. Clean and always take it to the extreme. Plus, I was born to multi-task, so with all that I have going on at blaring, laundry’s in, Kaboom setting in the shower and toilet–if you let it sit for a minute, it works wonders–, windexing the mirrors, talking on the phone, vacuuming with my get the idea..I imagine I’m burning quite a few. I know some of you are calorie counting nuts, so I thought I would give you some good estimates to encourage you to clean your house more! Ha! I personally know my body fairly well at this point. So, I just try to pay attention to how I feel, energy wise, to keep me at the right caloric intake to maintain my current body weight. But I am all about sending some encouragement your way to help you discover how many calories you burn cleaning house so perhaps even your husband will jump in and help! Can I get an Amen?

Can Chores Really Equate to a Workout?

You bet they can!!! Burning calories simply requires an expenditure of energy, so as long as you are participating in the housework, you are burning SOMETHING. Obviously those chores that are more physically intensive like vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing the floors will give you the greatest calories burned cleaning house. Keep in mind, these are also estimates. Your weight, height, current fitness level and intensity level would play a part in determining a more accurate assessment. This does give you a good ballpark idea though.

calories burned cleaning house
See some differences in males vs. females in calories burned cleaning house:

calories burned cleaning house

See how weight influences calories burned cleaning house: calories burned cleaning house
Digging Deeper, Jessica Bowser Nelson
Calories Burned Cleaning House

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