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If you knew Kendra now, you would never guess that she had struggled with being bulimic. She is an absolute powerhouse from the inside out! Her strength is uplifting and her vulnerability, inspiring! What a journey it’s been!

Bulimic Athlete??

“The best part about health and fitness journeys is that not one is the same for two different people! Welcome to my journey! As I said, it’s probably not the same as anyone else’s, but I hope that you may be able to relate or learn something that can help you through your own journey!

From the start, I played soccer for 13 years until I had to have knee reconstruction surgery. This took a dream from me, but, little did I know at the time, it was creating another.  This unfortunate event lead me into the gym which was the door that lead to the BEAST in me. But my friends, I warn you, not without tribulations.

As the gym became a part of my everyday life, something else snuck into my life simultaneously, that I would not recognize till later. This is where some of you may be able to relate. I had a form of bulimia and anorexia. I was not binging and purging. I would barely eat, living off graham crackers here and there. If I did eat, I would attempt to counterbalance it through extensive cardio or, at my worst, laxatives.  I had to be sure that I did not gain any weight. I was in control RIGHT? So you ask when did the life saving change occur?

A friend introduced me to the bodybuilding world. I mean, I was already in the gym 2-3 hours a day. She suggested that I enter a figure competition and meet with her nutritionist. Did she really think that I was going to put on heels, paint my nails, wear my hair down, and, not to mention, relinquish control of my body to someone else? Did she really want me to let someone tell me what to eat and when? This offer, to say the least, was going to take some thought. Eventually, I took the leap of faith and surrendered my “control” to a man that would change my life forever!

She Relinquished Control of her Bulimic Lifebulimic

This was the time in my life that I had to really dig deep within myself. I went from being bulimic and barely eating to eating every 2-3 hours consuming 9-11 meals a day. This change in nutrition took my 15% body fat to 3%, with muscles appearing in places I never thought existed. In my first show, I received second place on stage, but first place in my mind and heart. I had just conquered my worst enemy…BEING BULIMIC and the fear of food! I continued this journey for 3 more years and within those 3 years I gained the most knowledge and control over my body. Who would have thought?

Next, I became a mommy and spent the next year attempting to balance my life. As we know habits (good or bad) die hard. I recognized days would go by with me eating little or nothing.  Did my enemy sneak back in? I couldn’t be bulimic again, knowing I had the power and knowledge not to go back. I had to figure out a way to get back into what I knew was best for me, eating right and working out! Being a new mom and nursing student made that almost impossible. I was lucky to see the inside of the gym twice a week and with working out having always been my go-to friend aka stress reliever, I was obviously not in a good mental state without it. Continuing my attempt to balance my life, I had a lifelong friend Jodi Carter invite me to join her Beachbody Challenge. My first thought was “workout from home with a 5 year old?? And HOW am I supposed to find time to do this?”  But, remembering all the bodybuilding days she stuck by me and supported me, I thought, how could I not support her in what she was doing. I took my leap of faith yet again (this leap being slightly easier)!bulimic

I left my comfort zone of the gym and being the lady that has learned to love to lift iron, I chose P90X and began drinking shakeology daily. In the first month, I went from 15% body fat to 12% body fat and was able to get my workout in daily. I mean how could I not come up with an hour a day? I finally saw balance in my life again and I kicked that creeping bulimic enemy back down thanks to Jodi Carter and Team Beachbody! I also found my old friend fitness and health and it was here to stay!

She was BORN for this!

I know you thought my journey ended there…OH NO! I myself am now a Team Beachbody Coach!  This has allowed me to continue my “calling” as a nurse while pursuing my passion for becoming the individual someone will one day say “Because of you I never quit!” One of the most amazing parts about being a coach is the group of coaches called Dare 2 Dream, that I am now a part of. We do not share the same fitness journey because we are all different, but we share the same passion of health and fitness. Everyday this group not only inspires me to be the fittest/healthiest I can be, but inspires me to strive on a daily basis to be the best present mother to my daughter, the best nurse to my patients, and be the best me I can be!”

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Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson

P.S. Just have to give a shout out to my girl Kendra (we met years ago working in a restaurant) for being bulimic free!

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