Are You Stuck at Work Daydreaming about the Best Jobs Ever..wishing they were yours?

best jobs

Best jobs ever? YES PLEASE! We spend a HUGE amount of our life working, so I don’t know about you, but I would prefer not to hate my boss, dread every single Monday morning (I see your posts on Facebook), spend countless hours watching the clock countdown to the end of my work day and spend even more time complaining about my job AFTER my work day is over! That’s no way to live when the best jobs are available! Did you know that on average, if you worked a full time job from the age of 21-65, you would spend 91,250 hours AT YOUR JOB? 91,250 HOURS! If you don’t have one of the best jobs ever, then there’s no wonder why you are so grumpy and depressed! That’s a large part of your life!

Can One of the Best Jobs Ever Actually Be Mine?

I was a waitress for 14 years in mid to high end restaurants. I spent years serving people with the bbest jobsest top jobs, or at least it appeared that way. I often daydreamed of an expense account or jet setting to a meeting across the country. I knew I would have one of the best jobs one day; I just had to find it. First, I had to decide what would qualify. My ultimate dream job was to become the person that gets to rate high end hotel. You know, the person that shows up and everyone gets nervous and just longs to impress them. PERFECT, right? Does someone really get paid for that? I loved to travel. I wanted to have a good paying job. And I wanted to love it. That sounded good to me. But what I found is a lot of people with seemingly the best jobs evaaaaa, wearing fancy suits, ordering expensive wine, still seemed empty or unhappy and were usually rude too. This didn’t match up in my brain. I came to the realization that just because you appeared successful, doesn’t necessarily mean you have found true success. So I searched deeper for the best jobs ever. I knew I also found true happiness in helping others. Try it. Having a bad day? Depressed? Go out of your way to do something for someone else. Help someone in some way. Listen, smile, lend a hand. You will be amazed once you get the focus off yourself, how things tend to brighten up. So, I was now searching for one of the best jobs ever that would allow me to make a good amount of money and travel and help people. Guess the hotel critic was out.

My Best Job Evaaaaaaaaa

After 14 years of googling top jobs, of searches, of job interviews and job offers, I stumbled upon one of the best jobs in existence! Yep. It all began with a workout called Insanity. You’ve seen the infomercial, right? If not, turn on the TV best jobsand I guarantee its on! I was doing the program and I was tired. The thing is, I don’t quit. I don’t quit anything. I had 30 days left of this crazy intense program and had to get thru somehow. Shakeology, a superfood meal replacement shake, was recommended to me. I didn’t want to drink calories. I have super sensitive teeth too and don’t even like shakes, but I HAD to get thru this program. This led me to one of the best jobs out there. For the past 2.5 years, I have been a Beachbody coach! I signed up for one reason: to get a discount on the shake I didn’t want. But I felt amazing after drinking it and started sharing how I felt with those around me. I WAS HELPING PEOPLE! Since that day, I have created a significant 6 figure income helping people get healthy and I am my own boss! I create my own hours! I don’t hate Mondays! I can work from anywhere–the pool, the beach, the Bahamas (where I went for free on Beachbody)! I am so happy that I didn’t give into the status quo and decided that helping people was a vital attribute to one of the best jobs. I would place my job as a Beachbody Coach at the top of the list of best jobs ever! And I’m hiring!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
best jobs

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