Best Home Workout Debate?

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Best Home Workout

How does one ever decide which is the best home workout program for them? I am here to help! People often contact me and tell me they want P90X or Insanity. Why? Normally, due to their overwhelming popularity and name recognition, people simply assume this is the best home workout for them. UNTRUE! While I have completed both of these programs and LOVE them and highly recommend them and believe them to be THE best home workout videos, they are not necessarily the best fit for everyone at where they are in their fitness journey. Oh no! Sounds like things are about to get complicated! Have no fear! Jessica Bowser Nelson is here to help you find the best home workout for you!

Your Best Home Workout Shouldn’t Suck!

I know what you are thinking: “I can pick the workout I WANT? I can actually choose? You mean the best home workout program for me doesn’t involve torture and suffering through a workout that I hate?” This is the biggest mistake people make in selecting a workout. Just because your friend is doing it or because you saw the workout on TV, doesn’t mean it is necessarily perfect for you at that time. Your best home workout won’t suck! The key in selecting your best home workout is answering a few questions honestly.

  1. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being an athlete, what fitness level are you ready to conquer?
  2. What is more appealing to you? A dancing style workout? More boot camp style with pushups and jumping jacks? Kick boxing? Cardio?
  3. What is your primary goal? What is the change you want to see or feel in your body? (toning, weight loss, increase energy, butt lift, etc)

From there, I can help you find your soulmate program and the the BEST home workout routine for you! I want you to enjoy the workout! I want it to go with your personality as well as allow you to reach your goals as fast as possible! A Beachbody workout is NOT meant to collect dust. It is meant to be used! It is meant to drastically transform your life and IT WILL if you follow the program.

Cheat Sheet to Help You Find The Best Home Workout For You!

Here is a cheat sheet to help you find the best home workout DVD program according to your answers to the questions above.

Question #1:

  • (1-5)   B-Beginner Programs
  • (4-7)   I-Intermediate Programs
  • (7-10) A-Advanced Programs

Question #2: WORKOUT STYLE 1-Dancing; 2-Boot Camp/Weights Focused; 3-Kickboxing; 4-Cardio

Question #3: Contact Me for more help! This is a vital step because we need your goals (#3) to match the focus of the best workout program in your favorite workout style (#2). If you love dancing style workouts which are primarily cardio, but your primary goal is to build muscle, I can point you in the best direction to make you happy on both counts!  Best Home Workout

These are the best home workout programs because they are the total package. The challenge pack comes with a full workout calendar designed to maximize results, a complete nutrition guide, access to an online meal planner, a month’s supply of the superfood-packed shakeology (AMAZING), free shipping and ME as your coach to help you with motivation along the way, in an online accountability group. It is a full solution to help you reach your goals FAST! Here are just some of the things recent challengers have said in the first 30 days after being matched with their best home workout.

“My muffin top is slowly but surely shrinking every day.” Lindsay G.
“At this time I have lost 10 lbs! I’m much stronger.” Brenda T.
“I am close to my high school weight. Pretty happy since my 20 yr. reunion is this summer.” Amy M.

So remember, exercise, fitness, nutrition DOESN’T HAVE TO SUCK! Getting YOUR best home workout is key!

Digging Deep,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
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P.S. Need help selecting your best home workout, contact me anytime!