Beachbody UK: Everything You Need to Know (and How to Get Started Today)

Beachbody UK

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want temporary results in my health and fitness. I want them to stick! Heck, if we are putting in the work, we deserve that, right?


We have officially launched in the U.K. (as of October 2017), so now you have complete access to all the tools and programmes that will help you achieve lasting fitness results. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to explain how Beachbody UK works, why you need it in your life, how to get started, how to potentially become a Beachbody UK Coach yourself and how to get the best results of your life AND keep them.

I’m Jessica Bowser Nelson.beachbody uk

I joined Beachbody as a coach towards the end of 2010 on accident. Yep, on accident! I was tired and drained and disappointed in where my life was going on every level. And I used to go to the gym for about an hour and a half a day and had very little to show for it. Then, I found Beachbody and got a Coach. I initially joined as a Beachbody coach myself simply to get a discount on the products. And the rest is history.

I’ve since gone on to create my team: DARE 2 DREAM.

We are a team of thousands of coaches from all over the U.S., Canada and now the United Kingdom (yay!) who are committed to getting fit from the inside out and helping as many people as possible.

You also MIGHT recognize me from a few of the workout programmes like Insanity Max: 30 with Shaun T, but we will discuss that more soon.

Why Beachbody?

Beachbody is a worldwide recognized brand and the industry leader in at home fitness. And now we aren’t just limited to workouts at-home either with the release of Beachbody On Demand (BOD).

BEACHBODY UKThat’s right! You can now do the most effective, fitness programs on the planet ANYWHERE, from any mobile device. You can stream 1000s of workout programmes from your laptop, smartphone, smart TV, etc. And don’t forget, most of our workout programmes are around just 30 minutes a day. We can all do that!

Want to attend a Beachbody UK Live class? We have those too!

And I don’t know about you, but I can get bored easily if I’m stuck doing the same workout on repeat. Beachbody continues to launch new, cutting edge programmes on a regular basis to meet all fitness goals.

It’s insane!

Whether you prefer bootcamp style workouts, dancing, crazy cardio, yoga, low impact, or weights, Beachbody has you covered.

Not to mention you will have access to:

        • full meal plans telling you exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat to maximize results
        • top rated supplements, including our all natural superfood shake: Shakeology and our entire Beachbody Performance line
        • complete recipes with easy to follow instructions and even a cooking show!
        • progress trackers (including fitness, nutrition and peer support)
        • workout calendars telling you what to do each day to achieve max results
        • and a coach to encourage and support you every step of the way!


How Does Beachbody Work?BEACHBODY UK

Beachbody works because you have ALL the tools to succeed: Fitness, Nutrition and Peer Support (in your coach).

We all approach fitness and nutrition in our own way, and there are different programmes for different goals and workout styles. You may hate dancing, but love lifting weights. Or you might need something lower impact due to joint pain or bad knees. Or maybe you have lost mobility and need to loosen up or increase flexibility.

Whether you have a lot of weight to lose or just the last little bit–whether you’re looking to tone, maintain or even build muscle… even if you just want to gain energy (remember–I was DRAINED when I started), there’s a programme for any goal you might have.

We have something for everyone from beginner to intermediate to advanced (I’ll go into greater detail on the different Beachbody programmes in the next section).

And since you have unlimited access to all of our programmes with Beachbody On Demand, as your goals and fitness level change, you can adjust your workout and nutrition plan accordingly.


I don’t know about you, but life can get busy!

Beachbody is a great option for anyone that has limited time but still wants incredible results.

There are workouts you can do in as few as 10 minutes a day. And most routines average around just 30 minutes a day. 

Now that’s a routine I can get behind!

The only obstacle I’ve run into so far is that you need access to wifi to use Beachbody on Demand initially. Beachbody UK does have several programmes available on DVD though (just in case).

What Makes Beachbody’s Peer Support So Incredible?

I know a ton of my Dare 2 Dream coaches and challengers felt (before they started) that they already had access to great fitness and nutrition programmes. But they still couldn’t quite figure out how to get the results they wanted and KEEP them.

There was a VITAL missing component: PEER SUPPORT. 

They didn’t have a coach. Or a team supporting them.
Heck, the biggest roadblock to results is motivation.

A Beachbody coach isn’t a trainer or a fitness expert or even a nutritionist.
Coaches are regular people just like you and me that have simply committed to being better than we were yesterday. We are on a journey to reaching our goals and helping as many other people as we can in the process.

Let me tell you… to know you’re not alone on this journey and to have tons of people in your corner rooting you on and believing in you when you don’t quite believe in yourself is PRICELESS!

And that’s what we do as coaches.

Your coach will add you to their fitness support group and be there to answer questions, help you through your tough days and celebrate your successes, as there will be many!

Coaches aren’t perfect though… or even necessarily super fit.
We are just real people that love getting results and realize there’s power in a team.

Heck, when I first started, I simply became a coach to get a discount on a shake I didn’t want to drink. Ha!

But thankfully I was desperate enough to try anything at that point in my life–and thank goodness I did!

As I started working on me, I realized that being surrounded by others who were positive and encouraging was EVERYTHING.

Not to mention, when I put myself out there as a “coach”, it was the ultimate in accountability for myself.


How to Find the Right Beachbody Programme

beachbody uk

I believe the more you enjoy your workout, the more likely you are to stick with it. Thankfully, Beachbody has you covered with programmes for every appetite.

If you HATE a workout, it’s just not the right one for you. Your Coach can help match you up with your perfect soulmate programme so you not only rock your results but ENJOY what it takes to get them.

Here are just a few examples of workouts you will find with Beachbody UK. Keep in mind, with Beachbody on Demand you will have access to 600+ workouts!

  • Cardio-

Do you love getting your heart rate up and sweating out the frustrations of the day? I call it sweat therapy and it’s life to me!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Shaun T. Yep, he’s one of our Super Trainers and delivers cardio like no other! And Beachbody has several HIIT style workout programmes that will get you lean and in fantastic cardiovascular shape in no time.


Insanity Max: 30 the craziest 30 minutes of your day for the best results of your life. Next level cardio and Tabata training. The goal is to see how long you can go before you “max out” each day. 60 day programme; 30 min/day. No equipment necessary. Modifier available.

Core De Force – mixed martial arts-inspired workouts designed to slash inches off your waist, blast belly fat, and sculpt total-body definition. 30 day programme; 30-45 min/day. No equipment necessary. Modifier available.

  • Dance

Maybe you aren’t a huge fan of exercising, but now, dancing you can DO! There are several dance-focused programmes for any genre. Do you like hip hop or maybe you’re more into country? Whatever music you like, you can get fit by getting your groove on!

As you focus on getting the steps right and having fun, you won’t even realize the pounds are dropping off until you see the change in the mirror.


Cize –  earn the hottest professionally choreographed dance workouts. While you’re so focused on mastering the moves (and having a total blast!), you’ll forget you’re actually working out and losing weight. 4 week programme; 30-50 min/day. No equipment necessary.

Country Heat – moves set to chart-topping country music that are so easy it’s like walking, but way more fun (and better for burning fat). 30 day programme; 30 min/day. No equipment necessary.

  • Weights

Do you love pumping iron? Or maybe you just know that muscle burns calories all day long and you are on board with THAT! Whether you are looking to bulk or tone, there are many programmes to choose from that you can do at home or take to the gym with you if you don’t have the equipment yourself.

The most popular home workout programme of all time that brought weights to the house and got you ripped was P90X. We now have several at-home weight training programmes to help you tone, lean out or bulk up.


P90X3 – programme of super-efficient workouts, each one packed with concentrated intensity to accelerate muscle development. 90 days; 30 min/day. Dumbbells and pull-up bar required. Slight modifier available.

Hammer and Chisel – incorporates all three phases of SSP Training—Stabilization, Strength, and Power—into a comprehensive rotation of hardcore strength training that rapidly builds, sculpts, and refines every inch of your body. 60 days; 30-40 min/day. Dumbbells, workout bench OR stability ball, chin-up bar required. No modifier.

Body Beast – the PRO’S programme to help burn fat, carve lean, defined muscle, and transform your body for jaw-dropping results. 90 days; 11-49 min/day. Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Large Stability Ball or Inclining Workout Bench. No modifier.

  • Beginner

Perhaps you feel like you don’t even know where to begin. Or you just feel so out of shape currently that even a light jog might be tough.

Don’t worry!

Beachbody specializes in results for every level of fitness. And most of the programmes even have a modifier for you to follow as you work your way into the moves. You’ve got this!


21 Day Fix – a step-by-step 21 day workout and nutrition plan to teach you long term, sustainable habits while you blow yourself away with how much progress you can make in just 3 weeks. 21 day programme; 30 min/day. Dumbbells needed. Modifier available.

Focus T25 focused interval training that works every muscle group in your body—one after the other—then it works them again. 8 week programme; 25 min/day. No equipment needed. Modifier available.

YouV2 – No matter your size or fitness level, you’ll see how easy and fun it is to get moving and adopt healthier habits as you party, sweat and create YOU version 2. 4 week programme; 30 min/day. All modified.

  • Low Impact/Yoga

Life happens and with it can come injuries, aging, rickety joints, bad knees, and stiff bodies. Sometimes you just need something low impact that won’t leave you in pain or risk a larger injury. Low impact doesn’t mean ineffective. You can get jaw-dropping results with Beachbody’s low impact programmes that never have you leave the ground.

Beachbody also has a complete Yoga Studio to prevent stiffness and injury. It will have your body going “ahhhhhhhh….”.


3 Week Yoga Retreat – teaches you simple, pure yoga for life-changing results. 21 day programme; 30 min/day. Yoga mat recommended. All levels.

PiYo – combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. 60 day programme; 25-45 min/day. No equipment necessary. Modifier available.


How to Get the Most from Any Beachbody Programme

beachbody ukThe goal is not just to buy another workout programme or try another “thing“. The goal is to get LASTING results and to start loving the person you see in the mirror, feeling great, having energy and living the best life you can live.

So, I want to share a few tips to help you stay motivated and to maximize the impact from any given workout programme.

1. Use a workout calendar

They are designed to get you the most effective results in the shortest amount of time. Pick a programme based on your goals (and your Coach can help you do that) then simply follow the calendar designed by the experts at Beachbody. There’s no guesswork, and you won’t end up like I did: wandering around a gym for years with no real results to show for it.

2. Follow the nutrition plan (and stick to it)

It’s all laid out for you! Thank GOODNESS you don’t have to create it yourself. Beachbody’s portion controlled container system will literally tell you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it (and no food is off limits!). So not only is it doable, it’s sustainable long term.

3. Track your progress

I’m a firm believe that what you track, goes whack, and what you focus on, you improve upon. So, you’ll want to be tracking your progress. And I’m not just talking about the scale (I’m actually more excited about non-scale victories like how your clothes fit or how you feel when you look in the mirror). Who sees that scale anyways?

Beachbody On Demand includes progress trackers, fitness guides and workout calendars that you can start using today. But if you really want to maximize the results and stay motivated, there’s no replacement for a coach you trust.


How to Find the Right Beachbody Coachbeachbody uk

A Beachbody coach can be the KEY to getting lasting results.
Not to mention, they make the journey a lot more fun!

They will be there to answer questions, provide accountability and support, and to be “in it” with you, working on themselves right alongside you. Your coach is there to celebrate your successes and help you through the hard days (and have a lot of fun while doing it).

When looking for a Beachbody coach, my recommendation is to make sure they have a similar-minded mission as you do.

Are they inspiring?
Leading by example?

Beachbody coaches are simply regular people on their journey just like you are. But that’s what makes it GREAT! We aren’t trained professionals. We are humans who know the struggles of consistency, motivation and staying in the game.

All of my personal challengers/coaches are in my private online accountability group– our own secret world where we can find and share the accountability, motivation and support we all need. We share our good days and bad days, our non-scale victories and those times when we don’t think we have the mental energy to get in a workout or avoid the sweets at work. We HELP EACH OTHER! It’s a magical place.

Find a team you BELIEVE in! They will become your new fitfam. My team, Dare 2 Dream has literally transformed my entire life. More than just fitness, many of my best friends are people who just decided to join the team and DARE 2 DREAMMMMM!

Your coach will also mentor you, guide you and show you the ropes when/ if you decide to also become a coach, too (best decision evaaaa, by the way!).

So, make sure they have groups and trainings you can plug into right away, and that your goals align with theirs. Might as well learn from their mistakes so you can jumpstart your business and make an even greater impact sooner.


How to Become a Beachbody Coach

Beachbody UK launched in October 2017. This is an exciting opportunity for you to start your own part-time job as a Beachbody coach.

Our mission is clear: to help people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

How does it work? You commit to your results and then help as many other people as possible get results in their own lives.


I started my journey knowing very little about coaching.
I just knew that I wanted MORE out of life.
I HOPED there was more.
I wanted my life to matter.
I wanted to love life.
I wanted to be happy.
I wanted to feeeeeel good. 

I became a coach to get a discount on Shakeology because my Beachbody coach recommended it when I told her how tired and drained I was. And boy, was I skeptical! I thought “shake people” were weird. And I didn’t like to drink my calories. And could I really be a coach? But.. wow, once I got shakeology fully into my system, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. And now I was part of a team of positive and inspiring people who encouraged me to be the best me. That wasn’t something I had in my regular life.

I started sharing about Beachbody because it had such a HUGE impact in my life.

I’ve been a coach for many years now (started at the end of 2010) and my husband and I are both members of the Million Club and Elite coaches. I’ve gone on to be in the cast of Insanity Max: 30 and Shaun Week with my own personal angel Shaun T. I’m achieving incredible, mind-blowing things, but my greatest reward is my team.

To see others follow in my footsteps, find their strength and confidence, believe in themselves again, relieve the financial stress from their families, free themselves from health issues, lose 100+ pounds and DARE 2 DREAMMMM is the best pay a girl could get.

As a Beachbody coach, you earn money in accordance with how many people you help. How rewarding is that?

And, don’t worry, you will have access to trainings, conference calls, video team calls, quarterly live events, yearly conventions, leadership training, and EVERYTHINGGGG you need to succeed.

It can all be learned. I started with zero knowledge about how to be a coach. Just a desire for something different, and a determination to be a great student.

Click here for more info on Dare 2 Dream.


Today’s the Day!

There are already millions of success stories from coaches and challengers in the U.S. and Canada and now it’s the U.K.’s turn!

Are you ready to transform your life from the inside out?

You are in the right place!

From the industry leader in fitness and nutrition, all the benefits of Beachbody are now available to YOU!

Find a coach, join a challenge group, and get the tools you need to transform your life in the best way possible.

And I would love to BE your coach. Email me at and let’s chat.

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