Being a Beachbody Coach Can Save You Money??beachbody coach discount

The Beachbody coach discount is 25% off. Yep. As a coach, you not only earn 25% commission off anything purchased thru your site that Beachbody provides you with, but you get 25% off all the products for yourself, as well. THIS was actually why I decided to become a Beachbody coach. I had heard about the goodness in shakeology and wanted to try it. I figured, hey..if I like it, then, of course, I’d rather get it cheaper, so why not become a coach? WOW. What a GREAT decision I made that day! Shakeology left me feeling amazing! I must not have been getting something that I needed in my regular diet that shakeology was now providing me. The Beachbody coach discount allowed me to be able to continue drinking it without as much strain on my pocket. WIN! WIN! WIN!

Beachbody Coach Discount Saves Money and MAKES IT??beachbody coach discount

As you will see in the video below, Audra Deblieux also started out as a customer just like me. But, she enjoyed saving money (who doesn’t, right?) so when I mentioned the Beachbody coach discount, she was in! But then, what happens when you start feeling better and looking better? People start asking you what you are doing! Check out the video below to see how she turned her interest in saving money into her passion! And what this has to do with wearing pajamas! Ha! P.S. Ready to activate your Beachbody coach discount? Message me at

Digging Deeper, Jessica Bowser Nelson
beachbody coach discount

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