Beachbody Challenge PackSave Money and Get Better Results with a Beachbody Challenge Pack

I get asked all the time as to what exactly is a Beachbody Challenge Pack so here it goes.  A Beachbody Challenge Pack is a one stop shop. It is everything you need to obtain the best results possible in the shortest amount of time in the comfort of your own home. Lose weight, tone up, build muscle, lose inches, de-bloat, gain energy, feel amazing…whatever your goal may be, there is a Beachbody Challenge Pack to help you get there.

Odds are you know someone with, say, P90X. Odds are it’s sitting on a shelf, covered in dust. Odds are they don’t appear to have done P90X, either. And, no, watching one of the DVDs does NOT count! Ha! So Beachbody came up with a solution to get people actually doing what the DVD was designed to it, use it, complete it, transform your life with it! Enter the Beachbody Challenge Pack!

What Comes with the Beachbody Challenge Pack?

Beachbody Challenge PackThe Beachbody Challenge Pack comes with the workout program of your choice. Now, remember, you don’t have to hate your workout. There are 24 different programs to choose from. So, first, decide on what you are trying to accomplish (toning, weight loss, build muscles, stamina, etc) and then decide what you actually enjoy (dancing style workout, bootcamp, shorter workout, etc). Then tell me! I can send you previews to help you choose the program that will get you on the path you want to be on!

The Beachbody Challenge Pack comes with the following:

  • full exercise program
  • a free bonus DVD
  • a complete nutrition guide
  • a month supply of shakeology (an amazing, nutrient dense super shake that is included in the meal plan and will definitely maximize your results and get you performing better in your workouts)
  • free access to an online meal planner
  • a personal Beachbody coach assigned to help you on your journey (aka me)
  • entry into my private accountability group on Facebook.

You get all of this bundled together for a discount AND free shipping! There is also an option to signup as a coach yourself, for free when you get your pack and save 25% on future purchases! To do this, click here.

I Want to Succeed!

Beachbody challenge Packs

Here’s the thing. Don’t just buy the workout. No, I’m not trying to take your money. Like I said, you can even sign up as a coach and SAVE money. I deal with people on a regular basis that I recommend start with the challenge pack and they just order the DVD. Most times, its a VERY small difference in price. It happens time and time again.

If you just get the program, you just don’t follow it. How badly do you want to succeed with this? How badly do you want to reach your goal? To like the person you see in the mirror? To feel good about yourself? You have a far better chance of succeeding by getting a Beachbody Challenge Pack and joining one of my private accountability groups. These groups simply consist of other people just like you that are at home, hoping they will push play, hoping they can follow the meal plan, hoping they will get results, but we have each other! We check-in daily! We keep each other encouraged on the bad days because you WILL have a bad day! We celebrate the successes big or small and we have fun doing it! Set yourself up for success! If you commit to this group, to the pack and to changing your life, I will MAKE SURE you do! Today’s the day. Tomorrow will never come. Let’s start your new life NOW! Together! It IS possible!


Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
beachbody challenge packs

P.S. To start your journey towards the BEST you, get your Beachbody Challenge Pack here.

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