Nobody Ever Says, “I want to be a Beach Body Coach when I grow up!”

beach body coachBeachbody coach or beach body coach? I didn’t know the difference! I didn’t even know what it was??? Do I coach a little league team? Am I a high school gym teacher? Maybe a life coach? When I think “coach”, I think a whistle, weird shorts, no grooming, sunburned, angry and underpaid. Ha! That was sooo my impresssion of my dad when he coached my brother’s baseball team! So when I became a beach body coach, I had strange expectations, if any at all. I started as an independent beachbody coach to get a discount on shakeology and never thought I would be close to tears every time I thought about how far I’ve come since becoming a beach body coach. I’m sooo happy I was too cheap to pay full price for a shake I didn’t even think I would like or keep (There is a great return policy! You can drink the whole bag and send it back for a refund!). So now, I often ponder on if someone had told me about this opportunity as a child, when I dreamed of being an actress or a mailman or a flight attendant, my aspirations might have changed. I would have dreamed of being a beach body coach.

Beach Body Coach Dare 2 Dream- That’s Me!!beach body coach

I just got back from the yearly coach convention in Las Vegas and MAN! I HAVE THE BEST JOB EVERRRRRRRRRR! I somehow get paid to help people get healthy and change their lives physically, emotionally, financially, name it! That is rewarding by itself AND I GET PAID FOR THIS?? I grew up believing the saying that “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”. I’m sure you’ve heard it and I know some of you are probably nodding your head in agreement right now. But, WHAT IF IT ISN’T? What if you took a risk at something and it rewarded BIG time? What do you have to lose? As I sat at the MGM Grand Garden Area and thought of my life over the past 2.5 years as a beach body coach, I teared up. I started this journey depressed and lost and just drained. And NOW, I have an amazing team, Dare 2 Dream, that is truly my family! We still struggle. We still make mistakes. We fail. But, we pick each other up! We keep going! We are chasing our dreams together, encouraging each other every single day to be the best we can be! We are setting goals and crushing them! We are growing and improving and rubbing off on those around us! WE ARE CONTAGIOUS! We are LIVING life to its fullest and inviting everyone to join us on the journey!

Did I Mention I Have a Star?

So, in life, material things really beach body coachdon’t matter to me. I could care less about how nice my car is or how big my house is–that just means more to clean– or whether or not I have name brand anything. I buy generic advil. I only splurge on toilet paper. You do have to factor in quality at times! But, what really excites me is memories and extra special somethings that will far outlast the moment. When I got to the beach body coach summit, the first night, I found out I had a STAR! Coolest thing ever! I didn’t feel worthy but was super stoked at the same time! I got the star for qualifying as an Elite Team Beachbody Coach of 2012 but I really owe it all to my team, Dare 2 Dream! That is the beauty of this business! We only succeed together! I dedicated the star to them! Funny. I started this blog with the intention of showing you how awesome my Vegas trip was, but ended it realizing what made it awesome was the opportunity I’ve been given as a beach body coach to impact lives and summit was simply the celebration of that! In closing, if you are considering becoming a beach body coach, I double dog dare you to jump in whole heartedly and give it all you’ve got! If you don’t already have a team in mind, then Dare 2 Dream is ready and waiting! I guarantee you if you embrace the opportunity and don’t look back, in a year from now, you will thank me and we will be celebrating!

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Jessica Bowser Nelson
beach body coach

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