Asylum Volume 2 Takes the Cake

asylum volume 2

Today, with great excitement, equivalent only to that of a child on Christmas morning, I began a new round of the Asylum Volume 2 workout. I’m totally not kidding. I barely slept last night. My mind was spinning with anticipation. You see, Asylum Volume 2 will truly take your body and your mind to the next level in only thirty days. I guarantee it. I have been dealing with a back injury the last forty days or so. Today, I’m baaaack! If you are reading this and you don’t currently exercise or if you’ve never pushed yourself harder than you thought you could go, then today, I dare you. I dare you to challenge yourself, to keep going when you want to quit, to push harder when you start getting tired, to do what you might not want to do, but what you know you CAN do. Exercise has the power to change things inside of you. It can develop a fight you never had or a will that was bogged down with day to day garbage. Insanity did this for me. Asylum did this for me. And the Insanity Asylum Volume 2 video did this for me!

I had completed P90X, Chalean Extreme, InsanityInsanity Asylum Volume 1 and others, but nothing topped the results I got with the Insanity Asylum Volume 2 release. By combining crazy cardio, agility ladder moves, jump rope and resistance training, this workout will drastically change your body in a short amount of time–especially your abs– if you are up for the challenge. It’s not for beginners. You need to be physically and mentally ready to keep going when you are tired. This is where the magic happens. And it’s only thirty days! You can commit to anything for 30 days, right?

Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Day 1: X-Trainerasylum volume 2

Day 1 is X-Trainer. It is 50 killer minutes of sweat inducing, agility ladder drills. You will definitely need to do the tutorial first to help you get the hang of the different moves. If not, you will be stopping the DVD a lot or cussing a lot. Just sayin. Ha! The key is to be light on your feet and DON’T TOUCH THE LADDER. You definitely want to use a real ladder vs a ladder that is taped down. A true ladder AND jump rope will develop different skills than pretending as if it was there. I have low ceilings so I have to run outside to do the jump rope drills (the neighbors love that), but I know their value, so it is worth it. Shaun T does say to do pushups every time you hit the ladder. For your first week, I would recommend for you to just fix the ladder when you touch it and keep going. You do need to learn the drill and if you are doing pushups every time it moves, you could possibly be doing 50 minutes of pushups. Ha!

You will want to “Asylum-proof” your house. Anything that could possibly fall over, fall off the wall, fall of the furniture and break will need to be secured. Also, definitely find the largest space possible. I have done this workout in close quarters and in a huge empty room. The more room, the better. If you are in a confined space, you are going to start compromising your workout, making your moves smaller and tighter and being more prone to injury. YOU DON’T WANT THAT–coming from someone that just had to take a LONG time off for an injury. The beauty of the Asylum Volume 2 X-Trainer workout is it’s hard. It’s long. It’s intense. But, since you are so focused on the moves and getting them right, it serves as a nice mental distraction. Before you know it, you are covered in sweat feeling like a champ! Excited for day 2!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson
asylum volume 2

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