The Answer to Speed, Momentum and Quickness is Agility Ladder Drillsagility ladder drills

Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your game or simply a fitness enthusiast wanting to get in the best shape of your life, agility ladder drills will help you accomplish either. Speed, momentum, swiftness, focus, light on your feet…all will come as a result of agility ladder drills. The ladder looks innocent and unassuming, right? It’s not! And you do actually need a physical ladder vs using tape to create a ladder. The tape ladder won’t have the same effect because the point of the ladder is to get your feet fast enough and precise enough to NOT touch the ladder. If you simply use tape, you won’t know whether or not you touched the ladder. If you touch the ladder it will get messed up, fly across the room and you will get so angry that you will focus MORE on getting it right! Ha! MAGIC!

What are the Best Agility Ladder Drills?

agility ladder drills

I’m going to be honest. I love working out! I love the way it makes me feel! I am a fitness enthusiast extraordinaire! But, I don’t want to walk into a gym and have to create or come up with my own exercises. I want a routine, a plan, guidance. I want to know that I am working the proper muscle groups to get results FAST! If you just hand me an agility ladder, I might play with it for a day or two but I will not make the improvements in my speed and agility that I am looking for. So, thankfully, Shaun T created the Insanity Asylum workout! It is a 30 day program that comes with the agility ladder, jump rope, 6 pro level workouts, a complete calendar telling you what workout to do on what day and a full nutrition plan. PERFECT! My A-type personality was in love! The Insanity Asylum is packed with agility ladder drills AND jump rope drills! It leaves you feeling like Rocky or an Olympic athlete…or at least pretending that you are 🙂 (INSERT ROCKY THEME SONG NOW. Du nu nuuuuu du nu nuuuu, du nu nuuuu du nu nuuuu, du nu nu nu nu nu, du nunununununu du nuuuuuuuuu!)

So, if you are looking for agility ladder workouts that will push you to go faster, to be an all around better athlete, and to get there as fast as possible with clear cut direction then the Insanity Asylum workout is for you!

Digging Deeper,
Jessica Bowser Nelson 

P.S. Ready to gain speed and momentum with agility ladder drills in the Insanity Asylum workout, CLICK HERE!

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