How Does the 21 Day Fix Work?21 day fix

So, it’s called the 21 Day Fix, but this program is all about a sustainable, life change with portion control as the primary component. In today’s society, portions have gotten out of hand from restaurant servings to a bag of potato chips. The amounts we are being served are HUGE! Heck, even salads! There IS such a thing as TOO much of a good thing. A whopping 96 percent of America’s chain restaurant entrees fell outside the range of the USDA’s recommendations for fat, saturated fat and sodium per meal, according to a new analysis published in the journal Public Health Nutrition. Studies also show, that we eat more when we are given more. This is a problem. Luckily, the 21 Day Fix has come to the rescue to help us reestablish proper boundaries and guidelines to get us back on track and feeling great.

It’s all about the 21 Day Fix containers21 day fix

Who knew that we just needed some trusty tupperware to get us where we needed to go? Ha! Check out my video below to learn a little more about how the process works. You will get step by step instructions in your pack to let you know exactly how many containers you can have and what is container approved. But don’t despair! Chocolate and WINE even made the cut! Oh and you know those old cartoons where they would cram their clothes in their suitcase and sit on it, jump on it, do whatever they needed to do to get it shut….well, the same goes for your containers. If it fits, you get to eat it! And you will be AMAZED at what fits! Starvation is NOT a part of this program!


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